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Exam Stress Relief

Students have a wide variety of options for combating exam stress! Check out this flier with the highlights of the exam stress options. Also, the library will be open 24/7 until exams are complete.

Stress Relief Spring 2014 flyer

Exams Start on Friday

Here is an important memo from the Dean’s Office in regards to exam protocol. Reading Days occur on Wednesday and Thursday followed by exams on Friday-Wednesday. Good luck on your exams!


TO: All Faculty and Students

FROM: Amy Jessen-Marshall

RE: Final Exam Protocols

Please be reminded of the following protocols related to final examinations:

Electronic media (including cell phones, ipods, and PDAs) and book bags may not be taken into exam rooms.
All exams requiring accommodations must be delivered to and taken out of the Dean’s Office.
Study materials may not be left out in any exam building. A “baggage room” will be designated near the distribution room. Any study materials, book bags, etc. brought into the building must be stored there during the time a student is taking an exam.
It is considered a violation of the Honor Code to discuss any exam during finals week. Even comments like “Dr. Loboschefski’s exam was really hard,” are inappropriate.

Library is Open 24/7 until May 14th

No excuses not to study! The library is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until May 14th in preparation of exam week.

Spring 14 Exam Week flyer

Summer School and Study Abroad Planning

If your daughter is planning to take summer school classes or to travel abroad for credit this summer the following message from the Registrar’s Office is extremely important. Please contact the Registrar’s Office at x6179 or registrar@sbc.edu if you have any questions.


Don’t risk not earning credit for course work done this summer!! Read carefully the information below.

Credit for Summer Courses:

If you plan to take one or more courses this summer, you MUST have these courses approved by the Registrar’s Office before you leave campus in May. You must submit a Transfer Credit Approval Form which can be printed from My SBC under the Student Forms link on the ‘my academics’ tab or there are forms available in the Registrar’s Office.

Most of the time, online courses are approved to take, but there are a few exceptions to this. Be sure to tell us on the approval form if the course you plan to take is an online course so we can make sure you will receive the transfer credit for it. Please note that you cannot get transfer credit for any foreign language course taken online at the elementary or intermediate level.

If you are doing summer course work through a study abroad program this summer, you will need to fill out the Study Abroad Proposed Courses Form instead of the approval form mentioned above. This form is also available on My SBC and in the office.

Only a total of 18 credits for any work done during summers can be counted toward your SBC degree. This 18 credit limit
includes any course you take at another college or in a study abroad program, courses taken at SBC if done during the summer, and summer internships.

Grades for Summer Courses:

Grades for courses taken at other colleges during the summer or in a study abroad program are not added to your SBC record — only the credit for the course is accepted and it will appear on your SBC transcript with a “grade” of TR (transferred). These “grades” of TR do NOT affect your GPA. But, only courses in which you earn a grade of C- or higher will be accepted for transfer credit and you MAY NOT take courses on a pass/fail grading option at the other college. We will not transfer credit for courses taken on a pass/fail grading option.

The only exception to this policy of not transferring grades is if you take summer courses at Lynchburg College. Summer courses there will have both the credit AND the grade added to your SBC transcript. Bear in mind, that regardless of the grade earned (A through F) at Lynchburg College, it will be added to your record and it will affect your GPA.

Need Help?

The Registrar’s Office will be happy to assist you with forms or answer any questions you may have about summer credit. We don’t want you to spend money and take time to do summer course work and then find out that those credits cannot be applied toward your SBC degree! Please stop in between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM, or call (6179) or email (registrar@sbc.edu) if you have questions.

Exam Stress Relief

Last night I had a wonderful time at the Holiday Party sponsored by the First Year and SophoMORE class officers. Students that attended had a blast making graham cracker houses, making ornaments, decorating stockings and holiday cookies. The event brought together students from across campus and encouraged students to take time to relax and socialize with friends. This is the first of many exam stress relieving events that the college hosts leading up to and during exams. It’s hard to believe, but classes end next Friday followed by a reading day on Saturday and then exams begin on Sunday. Exams occur between Sunday, December 15-20th. Historically speaking this can be an extremely stressful time for first years as this is the first time they have taken finals in college and they are often unsure of what to expect. I would encourage first years to spend time studying and to contact their professors if they have any questions. They can also take advantage of the tutoring sessions, study groups, and the Academic Resource Center (ARC).


Reading Days–October 3 &4

First years and their families are often unsure what happens during reading days (October 3 & 4 this year). These days are built into the college calendar to allow students to “read” or catch up on academic work. The college remains open as do the residence halls, but there are no classes on these two days. Some students use this time to travel home if they live close enough. If not, some of them will take advantage of the time to relax, catch up on work, or to participate in some of the fun programs that are planned by various offices on campus. For example, the Outdoor Program hosts a White Water Rafting trip during reading days. Below you will find more information about this opportunity.

Join the Outdoor Program for a White Water Rafting trip on the New River Gorge

Looking for something fun to do over reading days? The Outdoor Program will be heading to West Virginia for a white water rafting on the New River Gorge. We’ll leave campus Friday afternoon, campout and on Saturday we’ll spend the day on the river and wrap up the night listening to music. Get ready for some serious white water and boatloads of fun. We will return to campus on Sunday with plenty of time to get settled before classes resume. It’s the perfect way to catch a break in the middle of the semester. This trip is a favorite among Outdoor Program Instructors. Don’t take our word for it – Come see for yourself! The Mandatory Informational Meeting for this trip is Monday September 23, 2013 at 5 PM in the Outdoor Program’s Office.

First Day of College Excitement!

Today is an exciting day for the Class of 2017! Today our new students will begin their academic experience at Sweet Briar. I know it is an exciting time, but it can also cause a lot of students to feel nervous. I encourage students to keep in mind that they have the whole semester to accomplish the items on the syllabus. My door is always open if they need to chat!

eportfolio Project is Due Tomorrow!

As a new student, you’ll participate in Sweet Briar’s ePortfolio project. Your ePortfolio will be a digital representation of your academic experience at Sweet Briar.

It’s a place where you will upload papers, multimedia and various assignments. The best thing about your ePortfolio is that you can look at it over the course of your Sweet Briar years: You’ll see everything you’ve accomplished, make connections between things you’ve learned in different classes, and figure out what you might want to learn next. You can even access your ePortfolio after you graduate.

Make the most of your ePortfolio and explore everything Sweet Briar has to offer!

Use your SBC email address to:
• Watch the training video at sbc.edu/eportfolio
Set up your ePortfolio and create your personal introduction by Aug. 1. More information can be found at my.sbc.edu under “Orientation,” then “New Student Forms.”
If you have questions after viewing the video, contact the ePortfolio help line at eportfolio@sbc.edu or (434) 381-6205.

Students can get additional assistance at the eportfolio session on Friday, August 30th at 2:30pm. See the orientation schedule for additional information about this help session.

Student Re-Enrollment for the Fall

It’s hard to believe, but it’s that time of year! Students must pay a re-enrollment fee which will allow students to participate in room selection and registration. Both of these events are coming up soon so it’s pertinent that students turn in their $200 immediately, if they have not already done soon.
The deadline for the re-enrollment was due on Friday, March 15. Did you’ll miss the deadline? If so, your daughter can pay in cash or check today in the Business Office (third floor Prothro). Parents and students can also pay online with debit or credit cards by clicking here.

Unsure if your daughter needs to pay the re-enrollment fee? Students can access their financial account online at any time under:

“mysbc.edu” Go to MY ACADEMICS and View STUDENT ACCOUNTS

Students will see their balance and activity as well as HOLDS on accounts. Financial aid information is available under the FINANCIAL AID heading as well.

Important dates by which student accounts must be current in order to participate:

March 15
Room deposits or Re-Enrollment fees are due. This $200 deposit is non refundable and must be paid before a student can participate in the Room Selection Process.

March 19-22
Room Number Draw (Students randomly select a number which determines the order in which they will select their room for next year)

April 2
Room Selection (The process by which a student and her roommate(s) sign up for their specific room for next year.)

April 10
Registration begins for Fall Term classes begin.

A student may not participate in Room Selection nor Fall Term registration unless all student account balances are paid. Should there be questions contact the following offices located on the 3rd floor Student Commons:

Business Office – Rita Cash, Accounts Receivable Coordinator, 381-6200, rcash@sbc.edu

Financial Aid – Wanda Spradley, Associate Director Financial Aid, 381 -6156, spradley@sbc.edu

Guidance for Declaring Majors and Financial Fitness

The Office of First Year and SophoMORE Programs has partnered with several other offices on campus to provide two important programs this week. Tuesday at noon in Johnson dining room, we will offer a session that aims to help students start narrowing down a major. This session will provide practical advice on helping student explore majors/career fields and narrow down to a specific area of interest.
On Wednesday night at 6pm (also in Johnson dining room), we will be hosting a Financial Fitness session. This program will help students develop skills for balancing a checkbook and managing a bank account. Students will also learn basics about budgeting and student loan management.
We hope students of all ages will attend; especially the first years.