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Internship Spotlight Panel Tomorrow

Career Services invites you to attend the Internship Spotlight Panel tomorrow, Thursday, September 19th in Josey between 5:30-7:30pm. Join your peers as they share their exciting summer internship experiences and offer tips and advice on landing an internship. Sweet treats will be provided. Hope to see you there!

Internship Spotlight Panel 2013 flyer (2)

Important Message from Campus Student Employment

I know that some students are anxious to find jobs on campus this fall. I was a student worker during my time in college and I fully support students that are looking to work on campus. It is a wonderful learning experience and a great way to make a connection with the campus community outside the classroom. I’ve included an important message from the Campus Student Employment Office which is housed in Career Services and located on the second floor of Prothro.

Dear Future Vixens,

We are one week closer to our new journey together! Have you packed everything? Are you ready to go? If you are interested in working on campus, don’t forget to pack your passport or your social security card. See below for more details!

Last week, we talked about things that you can do to secure a campus job. This week, we will be discussing the hiring process – what happens once you have actually been offered a campus job.

A Quick Reference of this list is available on the website.

Congratulations! You have just been offered a campus job. Now what?

Complete the Intent to Hire form with your supervisor.

…Also, solidify a regular work schedule with your supervisor.

Your supervisor will have this form. Read over it carefully and sign.

REMEMBER…students can work up to 20 hours per week, so be sure to mention to your supervisor if you have secured additional jobs on campus.

Complete required paperwork with Campus Student Employment immediately.

You cannot begin work at Sweet Briar College until this paperwork is completed.

It is illegal to work without having these documents on file.

You only have to complete this paperwork once during your four years at SBC. Hooray!

If you are a new student worker, immediately come to the Campus Employment office (located in Career Services) to complete your tax forms – don’t forget to bring your completed Intent to Hire form with you.

Don’t forget to bring your picture ID AND your social security card, OR your valid passport.

Click HERE for more information on acceptable documents you may present for employment.

REMEMBER…you must present the original documents. CSE cannot accept expired or copied documents.

Setup your Direct Deposit.

Direct deposit of payroll funds can be made to any checking or savings account in the United States, provided the banking institution can receive electronic transmissions. Funds deposit directly to your account will be available on the pay date.

IT IS SO MUCH EASIER to receive funds this way, in lieu of receiving a payroll check which you must present to your bank for deposit or the cashier in the Business Office. This can sometimes take days!

REMEMBER…you will need a voided blank check to complete this process.

Review your electronic Job Assignment Letter.

If you have not received this letter in your email, you are not cleared to work on campus.

This letter is your “green light” for beginning work. It indicates the wage rate at which you are employed, as well as your supervisor and his/her contact information.

Enjoy your new job!

And of course, contact me if you ever have any questions or concerns.

Be sure to look for next week’s email where we will highlight some of the important rules and procedures in campus student employment.


Coordinator of Campus Student Employment

Exploring Majors and Career Paths

It’s never to early for new students to start thinking about their major or career path. Our Career Services office has developed a comprehensive 4 year plan which can serve as a guide to students as they explore their major, minor, and develop care

er plans. I’m encouraging all new students to join us for this lunch time event tomorrow.

Equal Pay Day Event Tomorrow

The Office of First Year & Sophomore Programs has partnered with Career Services to host an Equal Pay Day event tomorrow! On average women only earn 77% when compared to the salaries of men in the same positions. One way to combat this di

screpancy is to be prepared to negotiate for a better salary; so encourage your daughter to attend so she will be prepared!