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First Year Student To-Do List for Saturday :)

First Year Student To-do List for Saturday, December 11th

  • Study for those blasted sit down exams
  • Start those pesky take-homes
  • Release stress at SCREAM NIGHT (exams start Sunday!)
  • Take a Break for food and friends!

o EXAM STUDY BREAK with the RA staff in Reid Pit on Saturday night at 10:30pm!

Halla Halla

A few weeks ago I posted a blog entry about the very successful First Year Banner hanging and I mentioned a Halla Halla to the first year class. Several people have inquired as to the meaning behind Halla Halla. This is one of the Sweet Briar traditions during which we honor a person or group on campus that has done something noteworthy. I thought it might be helpful to share the words:

Halla, Halla, Halla

Here’s to (insert name),
Halla, halla, halla
Nothing that you cannot do.
Here’s to (insert name),
Halla, halla, halla
Nothing that you cannot do.
Work for the good and work for the right
Always doing something and doing it right.
So here’s to (insert name)
Halla, halla, halla
Nothing that you cannot do.

First-Year Class Banner Hanging

Each class at Sweet Briar has a banner that is hung in Houston’s Bistro on campus. The tradition is to gather as a first-year class and hang the banner during the fall semester. The first-year class officers orchestrated a very successful banner hanging ceremony last week. The class members attended the event wearing their class t-shirts. We had a huge turnout! About 75% of the first-year class was present for the class photo, banner hanging, reception, and class meeting. Enjoy the photos!

Halla Halla to the first year class!

2014 Class Photo
2014 Class Photo

Banner Revealing by the Class Officers
President (Armit Judge) and Secretary (Sydney Bolton) leading the class in Halla Halla
Class members participating in Halla Halla
Cupcake Reception

Homecoming 2010 Photos-As Promised!

Homecoming 2010 was a smashing success! We had 491 students in attendance! The entire weekend was beautiful and provided numerous opportunities for students to connect with alums. Meridith De Avila Khan in our Media, Marketing, and Communication department took tons of photos at homecoming. I hope you enjoy reviewing them.

Photos from Friday

Photos from Saturday

Homecoming is Here!

The excitement has begun!

Over 1000 students, alumnae, faculty, staff, board members, and guests will be gathering this weekend for Homecoming 2010! The theme for this year is: “Be A Part of the Story. Your Story. Sweet Briar College.” I’m excited to say that over 84% of our first-year students have chosen to be a part of the story. The homecoming schedule can be found online at this link. As a Homecoming Co-Chair and Assistant Dean of First Year Programs, I am excited about celebrating the Class of 2014′s first homecoming! I plan to post photos early next week.

Orientation 2010

Orientation 2010-It’s hard to believe today is the last day of orientation and tomorrow classes begin. For most of our new students, tomorrow will be their first day of college! How exciting!

As expected, the vast majority of orientation focused on getting students prepared academically–learning about academic resources on campus, signing up for classes, meeting their adviser, etc. Orientation provided them with an understanding of the library, computing on campus, and even provided a mock classroom experience. Students visited the library to gain an understanding of the vast number of resources available to them and met the incredibly helpful staff. The mock class defined the expectations of a Sweet Briar classroom. Students met with their advisers in small groups and one-on-one to sign up for their fall classes. Orientation is centered around academic preparation, but students needed to relax and socialize as well.

Students heading to orientation events

Sunday night almost two-thirds of the first years attended their first boathouse party-Mocktails and Crafts. Students bonded over crafting events and non-alcoholic mocktails. I had the privilege of attending, and I was amazed at how quickly they are bonding as a class.  The Student Government Association hosted an “Honor and Traditions” event that educated students about the honor code on campus and the strong traditions that pervade the campus. The SGA president, Sarah Buttine ’11, allowed me to post a link to the video that they showed at the traditions session. I think the first-year class is very excited about the traditions. I can’t wait to see them participate in Fall Step Singing in a few weeks.

First Boathouse Party of the Year hosted by CEO

CEO Exec Board Member-Desiree and SGA President-Sara serving mocktails at the boathouse party hosted by CEO

Students also had the opportunity to participate in one of the most unique orientation programs-Learning on the Land. Student groups are led by faculty and staff as they learn about unique aspects of the campus. The program promotes a connection to the campus, and faculty/staff, and an enthusiasm for life long learning.

On Monday night, the Student Government Association hosted Only@Sweet Briar in our new Fitness and Athletic Center. It was a huge success!!! Students participated in crafting, zumba, extreme dodgeball, watched a movie, participated in a wii tournament, and so much more! We seem to have a very social first-year class!

I hope you have enjoyed reading a few of the highlights from Orientation 2010-there was so much more! But now I must finish this blog so I can head to Opening Convocation and Community Picnic-the official opening of the 2010-2011 academic year!